Ohari Chanakya Basics

Start your journey into the world of stock markets with our beginners module designed to give you a basic understanding of market dynamics and trading strategies. Understand the basics in Part 1, learning about the nature of stock markets, pricing details, and methods for predicting price fluctuations via technical and fundamental analysis. Part 2 focuses on Technical Analysis, getting into Dow Theory, various chart types such as Candlesticks and Line charts, and trend identification using tools such as trend lines, channels, support, and resistance. Learn the complex concepts of trend continuation, reversal, and the critical idea of fulcrum points. Learn about indicators, momentum, price cycles, patterns, and the smart money idea for successful trading. Part 3 exposes Elliott Wave Theory by differentiating between impulse and corrective waves. Learn how to read impulse waves, leading and trailing diagonals, and corrective patterns like zigzags, flats, and triangles. Learn effective strategies for trading these patterns, as well as entry, exit, and trade management for great results. Join us to learn the in-depth details of stock market analysis and trading methods, and equip yourself with the information and abilities to confidently navigate the market.


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