Ohari Chanakya Advanced

Take your stock market expertise to the next level with our Advanced Module, an immersive journey into sophisticated analysis and live trading strategies. In Module 1, immerse yourself in the intricate world of pricing securities, calculating target prices using both Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Engage in practical sessions focusing on channels, trend lines for predictive targets, support confirmation, and decoding price cycles. Explore volume analysis, accumulation, distribution analysis, and the effective utilization of moving averages for informed decision-making in live market scenarios from 9:00 to 3:30.

Module 2 unlocks the complexities of Advanced Wave Theory, focusing on Elliott waves, motive waves, and strategies for trading impulses, diagonals, Zigzags, Flats, Triangles, and complex corrections. Dive into practical sessions for hands-on experience in trading these patterns and learn the art of clubbing Elliott waves with momentum analysis for enhanced insights.

Module 3 elevates your expertise with live market sessions, experiencing real-time market dynamics and applying your knowledge to make informed decisions in a live trading environment from 9:00 to 3:30.

Join us in this advanced learning experience, where theory meets practical application, and elevate your stock market analysis and trading prowess to an unprecedented level.



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